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This article is part of the Welcome Guide series created for VisionGo Business Members.

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Welcome to HSBC VisionGo! This article aims to guide you through the steps of Business Member activation on VisionGo. Once the applicant has activated the Business Member account, he/she can start publishing content including company profile, offers, articles and events! 

After you have submitted the Business Member application, within 7-14 working days you will receive an email on account activation with steps explained (you can also refer to this article for details):

  • If you are not yet a Member on VisionGo, you will need to first register for a personal account, for details please refer to step 1 to 5 below. 
  • If you are already a Member on VisionGo, you will only need to follow step 5 in the following instructions.

Activating your Business Member account

Step 1: Visit VisionGo, click “Sign in”, then click “Sign up now” to create a personal account.

 After that, fill in your email address and create password to complete the registration:

Step 2: Fill in the basic details

Step 3: Customise your topics of interests

This will help us provide you with customised content cater for you on VisionGo and newsletters.

Right after that, you’ll receive a reminder email that lets you verify your personal account.

Step 4: In that email, click “Verify my account”

Then, you’ve completed steps required to become a Member! Now, you’re one step away from activating your Business account, then you can start publishing content including your company profile.

Step 5: Logon to your personal account then click “My profile”


Then, click “Edit Profile” > “My company”

Click “Accept” to become a Business Member! 

Have any question? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or email us at, our team will get back soon!

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