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Are you ready to set intentions and get uncomfortable in 2022?
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Are you ready to set intentions and get uncomfortable in 2022?

Now more than ever in our fast changing world we need to be ready for anything that comes our way.  It has become clear that if we fail to keep up with the pace of today’s world we may lack credibility and value.  

How do we train ourselves to be ready for every situation so that we stay current and ahead of the game?

Three words: Adaptability, Agility, and Transformation

What does each of these three words mean? 


The ability to adjust to different conditions or circumstances.  When you have adaptability skills it means that you are open and you have the willingness to learn new things while taking on new challenges and adapting to changes in your environment. 

Being adaptable can mean an array of things from responding quickly to changing ideas, expectations, and strategies to being able to process soft skills like interpersonal, communication, creative thinking, and problem solving. 


The ability to evolve to changing circumstances quickly.  Agility has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years but let’s dive into what it truly means to be agile.  When you have agility skills you are ready to adopt tools, processes, and the mindset of delivering value as quickly as possible and as often as possible.  

In order to be agile you need to accept uncertainty when you are in the planning process as well as fulfilling validation on ideas prior to making the decision to execute.  Agility also means being agile in your decision making process -- sometimes that means saying “no” more often than “yes” and establishing distinguished expectations for requests for new capabilities regardless of where they are coming from. 


The ability to modify core beliefs and behaviors to achieve desired results.  We all are who we are by consciously or unconsciously deciding who we want to be as individuals or as brands.  

To be more transformative you need to be able to see yourself outside of yourself.  Learn your strengths and your weaknesses -- love all of it!  Don’t focus too much energy on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths and practice on making them even better every single day. 

When you pair these three abilities together you will be able to take on any situation that comes your way regardless of how challenging or scary the situation may look.  

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There are SO many benefits when you take on this approach:

1.  Embrace Challenges 

You will be able to drop any limitations and find creative solutions to any problem that comes your way.  When you no longer have limitations on your ideas, thoughts, and actions, challenges become something that you no longer fear; they become something you embrace and have a fun time working through.

2.  Stay Relevant 

When you are always open and ready to change how you currently do things you will stay relevant because you will be comfortable experimenting and trying new things.  The biggest aspect of staying relevant is having the willingness and perseverance to try new ways of doing things. 

3.  Better Leader 

Amazing leaders are not scared of change, they embrace change with open arms.  They maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficult situations which allows them to keep those around them motivated and focused on the task at hand.  You’ll be more open-minded which will allow you to search for solutions in all places. 

Adaptability, agility, and transformation are art forms.  There is no quick fix or overnight solution.  It takes practice and hard work and your approach will consistently change overtime.  So make the choice to start implementing these practices today.

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Yamilette Cano
Yamilette Cano