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AI is a powerful tool in many industries. With increased public awareness of AI technology, some raised AI ethical problems...
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AI is a powerful tool in many industries. With increased public awareness of AI technology, some raised AI ethical problems. One of their concern is AI bias. While AI bias is considered harmful, marketers are actually benefited from it.

How is AI bias formed?
The origin of AI bias can be traced back to the training stage of AIs. Before AI systems can be used to make decisions, they needed to be trained using sets of data. Most AIs are trained with a machine learning method called supervised learning.

In supervised learning, engineers feed the AI with labelled datasets. AI depends on the labels in the datasets to classify data. However, the training datasets may not be comprehensive. It may contain features that can lead the systems to specific results. As a result, the trained AI may perform excellently on certain types of data and poorly on other data. This phenomenon is called AI bias and it comes from the training datasets. In other words, the AI itself does not establish bias. It is man-made.

AI face recognition system in western countries could be one of the typical examples. Those systems are often trained with the facial data of white people meaning that the AI is explicitly familiar with the facial characteristics of white people. In this case, the system may not work well on recognizing people in other races.

So, how is AI bias helping marketing?
While people are having concerns about the consequences of AI bias, some brilliant marketers are taking advantages from AI bias. enabling them to obtain useful information quicker compare with an absolutely neutral AI.

In fact, marketers do not need an absolutely neutral AI which is different from the public's demand for neural AIs. An absolutely neutral AI needs more time to understand the preferences of an individual, leading to dissatisfaction due to inaccuracy of the AI performance. On the other hand, marketers may train the AI with data that is similar to the target customers...

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