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Looking to build smart and witty A.I. learning path for your kids? Here's the ultimate guide on how to kickstart.
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“The future is A.I.”, I guess you might have heard of this phrase before. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now connected with our life in every way, it is now becoming popular for Kids’ to start learning around tech and A.I.! How can kids or beginners start their A.I. learning? From this article, you can understand kids’ A.I. education in a few mins.

The Meaning Of A.I. 

AI or Artificial Intelligence can be simply understood as the ability of computers and machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as perception, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Using large amounts of data input, AI algorithms are continuously trained to identify patterns, make predictions, and recommend actions. The world is truly powered by A.I. nowadays, and some even said tech will take over jobs in the future 

Remember the last time you interacted with an online customer support chatbot or when Netflix recommended what to watch next? Or do you know sometimes the food or drinks you are having are also produced with the use of A.I. technology? Little did you know, that is all AI in the working! 

What Is the Best Age for A.I. Learning?

There isn’t a thing that cannot be learned. It is believed that it is true even for learners as young as 3-years old who could be fit to start exploring A.I. in a simple and foundational manner. After all, kids are rapid and curious learners. With the right approach and resources, learning A.I. can be a very fun and rewarding educational experience for children of all ages.

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How Can My Children Start Learning A.I.?

For Younger Kids Below 9 

Handcrafting is recommended to be the most effective method at the beginning A.I. learning stage for young children. Jason Boog, a journalist, and author at ‘towards data science’ recommended that handcrafting small A.I. books with kids helped his family to learn A.I. with their 4 years old son. The handcrafting process can be as simple as:

Letting kids draw out some basic A.I. concept, with their imagination around A.I. or use A.I. stories writing tools (like the Text Generation API tool), and encourage your kid to draw the story out.

For Kids Aged 9-14 

Blakeley Payne, a graduate research assistant at the MIT Media Lab, has open-sourced an A.I. curriculum for kids aged 9-14. Various interactive activities are suggested by Blakeley, including “prototyping with pen and paper” and games like “Bingo” with cards, which empower kids to learn A.I. while building and playing.

A.I. Related Courses for Kids

Stempedia: Online AI Course for Kids

Stempedia offers a comprehensive and well-structured online A.I. course with engaging materials designed by experts. Through dynamic content and real-world examples, this course introduces children to AI and machine learning, with the star feature of the program “PictoBlox AI”, an A.I. education platform where kids get to write their codes and create their own exciting AI projects!

Data Science & A.I. with Python Course

For more mature kids or teens with basic coding knowledge, 1-on-1 or Boot Camp classes around Data Science & A.I. with Python will be a great choice. It is important for Gen-Z kids to understand A.I., Big Data and Python in a practical and step-by-step way under the competitive tech-driven labor market. Schedule a chat with a Curriculum Advisor today to get more information! Or get some insight from a Data Science Expert and see how important he thinks learning programming is in the modern world.

Full-stack web development course is also a wise choice for children who have developed basic coding skills.

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