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專訪Galton Voysey行政總裁Kimberley Woo
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各位有想像過,擁有自己的品牌的感覺會是如何?對於Galton Voysey的團隊來說,發展自家品牌非但不是難以想像的天方夜譚,更是他們每日工作的重要一環。Galton Voysey是一間以發展「直接面對消費者」(direct-to-customer)電商品牌為業務的企業,從構思、實行、售賣,到宣傳,全由團隊一手包辦。

Galton Voysey的品牌都有一個特點,就是它們均由公司全資擁有。行政總裁Kimberley Woo解釋:「我們的品牌全部都從內部研發,你能夠想像到和發展品牌相關的細節,包括構思、採購、製造、物流、廣告、客服、售後等等,都是由團隊全權負責和跟進。」她笑言,外間常誤會Galton Voysey為一般市場推廣經紀公司,然而公司更加像LVMH這類多元集團一樣,擁有和營運多個獨立的品牌。


發展品牌從無到有,當中牽涉龐大的人力和開支,作為行政總裁的Kimberley Woo如何決定一個構思是否值得發展成一個完整品牌?「一般而言,我們希望打造連我們自己都想購買的產品或品牌。其後我們會投放數千元的網上廣告,如果回報理想,我們會擴大品牌規模,相反我們很有可能會先暫時放下此品牌,並繼續下一個項目。」

「Build, Grow, Scale」

品牌成長到一定階段後,團隊便會籌謀把品牌規模化。Galton Voysey各品牌先以北美為主要市場,繼而擴張到加拿大、澳洲及歐洲等其他地區。品牌擴充時,除注入更多的廣告開支外,供應鏈、倉庫管理、物流、售前售後服務等範疇的處理亦會更為規範化。


「發展品牌或許從一個人的idea而起,而這個人亦會成為整個品牌往後發展的負責人。由一個人通盤負責品牌,往往更能夠避免找藉口和推卸責任,反而會令人更投入,知曉品牌的每項細節。」公司以香港為總部,除了鄰近中國和東南亞的供應商之外,Kimberley Woo認為香港的環境能夠吸引世界各地的人才前來工作,而對處於擴張期的Galton Voysey來說,人才就正是最為渴求的資產。「我們的工作文化和一般企業非常不同,在Galton Voysey工作會讓你學習多種知識和技能,帶來非一般的體驗。」

“Build, Grow, Scale” – Unique brands brought by a special culture – An interview with Kimberley Woo, CEO of Galton Voysey

What does it feel like to have a brand of your own? For the team at Galton Voysey, building one’s own brand is not so much some unreachable dream as a fundamental part of their daily work, as the company specialises in operating direct-to-customer brands and works on everything from conceptualisation and manufacturing to sales and promotion.

A common facet for all brands in the company profile is that they are fully-owned by the company. “We develop all our brands internally. Every relevant process you can imagine, such as concept, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, advertising, customer services and after-sales follow-up is all done by the team,” explains Kimberley Woo, CEO. She also jokes about Galton Voysey being misunderstood as some common marketing agency, which she would respond by comparing the company to conglomerates such as LVMH, where there are numerous fully-owned and independent brands.

Director-to-customer brands from scratch

What factors would affect Kimberley Woo as a CEO when deciding if an idea is worth expanding? “Generally, we try to build brands that we ourselves would buy as the starting point in the brand/product creation. Once the brand is created, the next step in deciding whether to continue to expand is determined by how much return we would get back in the first couple of thousand dollars of online advertising spend. If we do not see that we can make a profit from this initial ad spend we will likely decide to shelve the product and move on to the next.”

“Build, Grow, Scale”

Quality products alone do not make a good brand. The e-commerce team at Galton Voysey has a strong record in strengthening digital presence with such ways as building brand websites, online advertisements across Facebook, Instagram and podcasts, print and TV ads. The team would monitor performance and adjust the spend on the different channels accordingly.

While focusing on North America as the main market, Galton Voysey expands to other markets such as Canada, Australia and Europe as the brand continues to grow. This expansion would not only include the scale-up of advertising spend on channels outside of the United States but also logistics, warehousing and the after-sales customer care team.

Brand ownership from beginning to end 

“A brand in our profile may originate from a single idea of a person, who will also become the person-in-charge throughout the entire process and this would continue to be the case as the brand grows. We saw that having one person owning the whole process reduces the likelihood of finding excuses when things go wrong. If you know that you have to own every part you will be highly involved and make sure you know everything inside out.” 

Headquartered at Hong Kong, Galton Voysey takes advantage of the city’s proximity to suppliers located at mainland China and Southeast Asia, as well as its unique environment and culture to attract people to come to work. At a stage of rapid expansion, the company is currently seeking talents of all sorts. “Our company culture is fairly different from the conventional enterprise. Working at Galton Voysey may be challenging, but I am sure it will also bring energy and a sense of achievement and you will get to learn a lot in many different domains you would not otherwise.”