【CORPHUB】Digital transformation partner to provide fully fledged user experiences | Article – HSBC VisionGo

An interview with Eric Yu, General Manager (Hong Kong) and Regional Practice Lead (Asia Technology), GrowthOps
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Digital transformation is no strange words to businesses. Willing or not, digital transformation has become the trend of the world, one thing that companies must consider in order not to be fall behind.

However, to realise such transformation is always easier said than done, even more so without the professional and thorough help on such matters as conceptualisation, locating the pain point, and implementing digital and cloud solutions. Eric Yu, General Manager (Hong Kong) and Regional Practice Lead (Asia Technology) of GrowthOps which positions itself as clients’ “growth partner”, says that the company works very different from the conventional consultant, in that in addition to in-depth, thorough consultation services, GrowthOps is also capable of materialising front- and back-ends, cloud transformation and other solutions to deliver all-round services in its truest sense.

People-based services

As a “growth partner” GrowthOps is a people-based company which adopts a consultative approach to help solve problems raised by their clients. It sets to provide end-to-end services to help clients navigate through the digital age.

Procedurally, GrowthOps first conducts a thorough business consultation session and looks into companies’ operational, technological and digital pain points. After targeting clients’ needs, it moves on to establishing corresponding technical solutions, which, according to Eric, could take many formats such as websites, applications, mobile experiences, and front- and back-ends. The team also makes sure sufficient training is provided to deliver a seamless transition. Last but not least, GrowthOps can also help facilitate all sorts of cloud transformation to provide even better ROI.

User experience is key to digital transformation

The world’s tendency is so clear that it is even reasonably sensible to say businesses are now forced to undergo digital transformation lest they fail to survive in the 21st century. In Eric’s view, the key to coping with this inevitability and successfully conducting transformation is to pay attention to user experience; which includes, as Eric emphasises, not only their direct clients, but also the end users within their clients.

For example, GrowthOps has once assisted a young insurance company which markets itself as a provider of innovative insurance tech to design its website, user interface, systems and cloud strategies so that end users would find insurance application a smooth and convenient experience.

Another example concerns a historical, multinational bank, for which the GrowthOps team pays extra attention to the initial consultation session in order to analyse existing workflows, and locate gaps between current operations and the world trend. According to Eric, GrowthOps’ help in constructing digital platforms and establishing digitalised workflows vastly smoothens internal communications which used to be paper-based, complex and at times bureaucratic. Eventually, in addition to saving significant operating costs, end users would be subject to enhanced, polished banking services as well.

Digital transformation, in Eric’s perspective, is never a snap on the fingers and not an external entity to replace old modes. Instead, it is a value-adding mechanism, where value is always centered on humans. As such, GrowthOps’ all-round, end-to-end services at every stage are always people-based and created to offer a considerate, humane digital experience for both internal and external users and thus raise clients’ strengths.

Partnering your growth

While the majority of GrowthOps’ clients come from finance and insurance, the company is also planning to expand their services to cover a range of industries including hotel and hospitality, retail, FMCG, and healthcare. Expansion is not limited to coverage but also geographical and operational capabilities. The company now has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and various locations in Australia and New Zealand to help clients across APAC curate even better user experience. Apart from digital transformation solutions, corporate training and marketing services are also available to become clients’ true growth partner from a multifaceted perspective.