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Learn some tips about how to write a product description, with product description template provided

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Product Description

Write Product Descriptions That Will Increase The Sales, With Templates Provided

What is Product Description?

Product Description is a few sentences or bullet points that show on the product page to tell the customer the detail of the product and any other things that you want the customer to know about the product. Writing product descriptions could be important when you want to increase the sales of the product. How to write a good product description could be very tricky. The sellers need to understand the needs in the market and the skills about how to attract the customers.

How to write Product Descriptions that Drive Sales?

1. Use SEO Keywords in the Product Description and title

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is about how the search engine ranks your result on the result page, using good SEO technique in the product description section could make your product rank on the first page, thus increase the sales of your products. Using SEO to write the product description might be the most effective way to rank your product high, but learning how to use SEO to write the product description could take you a while.

2. Turn the Features of the Product into Benefits in the Description

When writing the product description try not to using long sentences to describe the product. Long sentences or paragraphs would be difficult for the customer to read and understand. Turn the features of your product into bullet point and it would be more better if you can turn the benefit of your product into some benefits that the customer can get from the product.

3. Let the Customers Feel Your Sincerity in the Product Description

Since the goal of selling your product is to provide better options and true value to the customer, and you should let the customers know that you are not screwing money from their pockets. Therefore, make your customer feel your sincerity in the product description could be the trick to drive your product sales.

4. Make Your Product Description Easy to Read

Some people use long sentences and long paragraphs to deliver the messages that they want the customer to know. They might have a lot of information to tell in the product description. However, lengthy sentences sometime could make the customers skip reading your product description and not buying your product. Therefore, you should use short and simple sentences to deliver your message in the product description.

Writing Product Description Templates

[Good] Product Description Template

-Clear heading to deliver the benefit of the product

-Use logos (Little Green Tick) to show the feature of the product

-The description is customers oriented, the product description has been using a lot of "You" to show the seller values their customers

[Good] Product Description Template

-Very detailed on the product description, it shows every information about the product clearly

-Bring out the features of the product to the customer

-Using the keywords related to the product a lot, in order to rank higher in the search result

[Bad] Product Description

-Not enough information has been provided

-Bad SEO performance, because of the short phrases that have been used and hard for the search engine to read.

-Not showing a sincere product description because short terms used.