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HSBC VisionGo launched a new collection called "GBA Knowledge Bank" to help Hong Kong businesses grasp business opportunities in the Mainland China!
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With the further development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), many Hong Kong SMEs expect to explore the GBA market. In this regard, HSBC VisionGo has enhanced the content related to the GBA by launching a new collection called "GBA Knowledge Bank" to share with Hong Kong businesses and entrepreneurs the latest information and insights on starting and running a business in the GBA, helping Hong Kong enterprises and talents to grasp business opportunities in mainland China!

Compared to the size of the Hong Kong market, the GBA has a huge consumer market. With a mature industrial base and lower operating costs, the nine cities in Guangdong Province in the GBA are undoubtedly one of the major markets for Hong Kong SMEs to develop outside of Hong Kong. At the same time, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other key cities are more advanced in technological development and have a friendly environment for innovation, which will benefit startups.

The mainland market in the GBA is huge, but the business environment, laws and regulations are much different from those in Hong Kong. Therefore, bosses need accurate, timely and comprehensive information and insight to make informed business decisions.

"GBA Knowledge Bank" brings you a comprehensive guide to doing business in the GBA

HSBC VisionGo actively improves the content related to the GBA to help enterprises grasp the opportunities of the GBA to grow stronger. We have launched a special collection called "GBA Knowledge Bank" to share information and tips on doing or starting a business in the GBA. Through "GBA Knowledge Bank", local SMEs can learn about the following:

Our platform will be constantly updated, inviting experts from various industries to share issues of concern to SMEs and entrepreneurs, bringing a full range of business knowledge and strategies to enterprises. You will also learn about:

  • Cross-border financial services needed for businesses to enter the GBA
  • What are the differences between the taxation systems of mainland China and Hong Kong
  • How to apply for various GBA grants, recruit talents, etc.

HSBC VisionGo helps take your business to the next level

HSBC VisionGo is a B2B digital sharing platform for SMEs in the Greater Bay Area. Since its official launch on 30 March last year, the platform has brought over 3,200 articles to SMEs, including insights from experts in financial, legal and marketing fields.

Not only does HSBC VisionGo gather insights, but also holds a series of online activities organisedor co-organised by enthusiastic entrepreneurs to answer various queries of SMEs in their business journey. In particular, during the pandemic, HSBC VisionGo highlighted the relief policies, including the "Special 100% Loan Guarantee" under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme, which was well received by the participating enterprises and frontline staff as a very effective way to share information and help SMEs to actively cope with the challenges.

While the pandemic has changed people's lives and shopping styles, making products and services accessible online is important for the sustainable development of SMEs. In particular, online shopping and cross-border e-commerce are developing rapidly in Hong Kong and the GBA, bringing huge business opportunities for enterprises.

To enable companies to take advantage of market opportunities in an increasingly competitive market, we have joined forces with various partners to organise a series of online events to share the latest market information and unique expert insights.

For example, we created the iconic "E-Commerce Academy" to provide a platform for businesses and individuals interested in and in need of e-commerce to exchange ideas, invited experts to regularly share essential tips for doing online stores or e-commerce, etc. We also held the Walmart North America Merchant Recruitment Webinar in collaboration with Walmart and the Hong Kong E-Commerce Association to give e-commerce businesses an in-depth understanding of how to sell to the U.S. through the Walmart platform, as well as important notes and supporting services, etc.

Stay tuned for more information, functions and services!

Whether you are a local company looking to expand into the GBA market or an expert in a certain field, HSBC VisionGo is the preferred platform for exchanging information and capturing business opportunities. In addition to articles and event resources, users can also find information on special offers from professional service providers at HSBC VisionGo.

In the future, we plan to launch the "Find Service" function to help businesses find the right partners and conduct one-on-one consultations online.

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