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One of the biggest challenges for copywriting is optimizing your writing for search engine optimization (SEO).
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SEO Content: 5 Quick & Easy to Improve Ranking

One of the biggest challenges for copywriting is optimizing your writing for search engine optimization (SEO). If you want to get your content to reach more audiences, SEO can definitely help. Here are some suggestions to maximise impressions in a quick and effective way.

1. Find the Keywords

After coming up with a topic for your content, choosing keywords is the second step of SEO. Identifying and targeting keywords is a compulsory process within digital marketing.

Sometimes, people will use Google Search to find potential keywords.

2. Title

It is recommended to keep your title under 60 characters long, or else search engines may cut part of the title off and add an ellipsis (“…”). To prevent more important words from being cut, it is better to put the most significant keywords at the beginning of the title. According to Moz’s test and experience, the closer to the beginning keywords are put, the higher positive impact on search rankings this may have. If the title contains too many characters, an ellipsis will be added.

3. URLs

URL is a web address, consisting of a protocol, domain name and path. For example: In the URL, https:// is protocol, ““ is the domain name and ”blog“ is a path. URLs can improve SEO as well as it is human-readable.

When we put keywords into URLs, it increases the page’s relevance and becomes more visible on search engines.

Take Case Study AXA as an example. You can see Google can detect the text in the URL and it becomes a keyword.

4. Place Internal and Outbound Link

Links are super important for SEO.

There are a total of 3 kinds of links for SEO: internal, inbound and outbound. Here is the definition:

  • Internal link: link within your website
  • Outbound link: link with different domain name and put on your website
  • Inbound link: your link is put on other websites with different domain name

Though inbound links have the highest SEO value, it cannot be controlled by ourselves if we only have 1 website. For optimal results, it is better to put both internal link and outbound link anywhere in your website such as Related Pages, Content and Site Navigation. 💡 Can you find any internal and outbound links on this page?

5. Repeat the Keywords Several Times in Content

Repeating keywords is an essential part of SEO. It is suggested to repeat your primary keywords one to two times in both your opening and closing paragraphs. Keywords can also appear at subheadings and the main body of the content so that search engines can detect the keyword density and boost your ranking.

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