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Video marketing is taking the digital world by storm. It can be used for everything, from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand!

The idea of starting a YouTube channel these days is fully understandable among the tech-savvy millennials or young adults with the continuing growth of the video blogging phenomenon. After all, it's a pretty fun hobby that has the ability to turn you into a YouTuber — with the added benefit of helping you meet new people around the world, getting free samples from different brands, and, of course, make a pretty good money.

But, how to make a good YouTube channel with Million, Billion and Trillion of subscribers also most importantly sustain it?

#1 Know who your audiences are
Video contents that are related to viewers’ personal interest are 3x more important than the video featuring famous celebrities and it is also 1.6x more important than whether the production value is high. YouTubers are encouraged to use YouTube Analytics to keep track of their audiences’ watching habits to see which part did the audience usually drop off often and which kind of video content the audiences are interested in. In another way, you can always ask audiences to leave a comment below your video about what kind of video they would like to watch in the future.

#2 Have a catchy, short and engaging title Never underestimate the power of a catchy title! The title is one of the first elements audiences will notice and it also helps them to decide whether to watch the video or not. Try to catch their attention with interesting and short titles and this will help you to increase your video views as well as the exposure of your channel.

Tip 1: To increase visibility in search engines, use important or relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. This not only helps you gain more exposure in YouTube search but also increases your chances of being found in Google Search.

#3 Create your own attracting thumbnails
YouTube thumbnails are as important as your title because it helps to capture existing and new audiences’ attention to your channel and you will be missing out a lot of viewers if you don’t feature a catchy thumbnail. Your title will help audiences to understand your video's content, however, your thumbnail gives an idea of how the content quality will be.

Generally, videos with a captivating title and attractive thumbnail will rank higher, even if the content itself is not as relevant because they have a higher click-through rate (CTR).

You could easily add some graphics or text or interesting elements to make the thumbnail stands out from a normal one. As we can see how 3次元  standardizes her thumbnail with short yet straightforward title and graphic and it makes the whole profile looks neater and easily capture audiences’ attention. 

#4 Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTubers has been today's hottest and common trend on YouTube. We can see many YouTubers are actually making collaboration in many creative ways and some even collaborate internationally. But, make sure you collaborate with YouTubers that have similar audiences with your channel. If there's nothing in common with your viewers, nothing will come of it and everything will be wasted. Otherwise please make sure the collaborative video content is fresh and interesting enough to create viral.

#5 Ask viewers to subscribe 

Your viewer-to-subscriber conversion rate will be significantly affected by a call to action, which is why all top YouTubers never miss doing. Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in each of your videos (it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the beginning or end of the video).
Aside from that, you can also create an “end-slate” where it's essentially the last part of the video that often has a link to other videos and a button for viewers to subscribe. Night Owl Cinematics has a very good end-slate at the end of every video where they will ask their viewers to subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow their social media accounts and leave comments below the video.

#6 Make use of your social media account
Being present and active on multiple major social media platforms is indeed a requirement for surviving in the world of social media and it is also a must to be discoverable. And one of the best things about social media is that you are able to cross-promote your content on different channels.

Promoting your videos on your own social media platforms is the easiest and cheapest way to promote your YouTube channel and it is also very effective for you to reach a bigger bunch of audiences and drive them to your channel. The more audiences you are able to reach, the more viewers you have and then the greater the chance you will be able to convert them into your subscribers.  

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