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How lead forms work in SEM and Video Ads

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Google Ads

Google has been beta testing lead form feature on Google Ads extensions since last year, helping advertisers capture leads from Google SEM paid search campaigns, available for users with mobile and tablet devices.

Recently in August this year, the feature has also been introduced to YouTube ads, for iOS mobile and tablet users.

Why lead form is helpful to marketers

With this feature, marketers collect leads directly from ads, without the need to redirect users to a landing page. The feature enables users to easily share information as they search, discover and watch relevant content. It helps create a seamless flow for marketers and advertisers to capture high-intent leads efficiently.

In fact, from a success story shared from Google, Jeep adopted this lead form feature with their Korea branch and saw 10x increase in lead generation. According to Jeep, this feature also generated leads at the most efficient cost among all ad channels.

To see how lead form works in search ads and video ads, and what important points to note while creating a lead form extension, read our full blog on Lead Form across Google Platforms

Later this year, Google will be rolling out lead form extensions to display ads as well. As a premier partner of Google, our SEM agency team looks forward to leveraging this feature across channels to unleash digital advertising potentials for our clients. 

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