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Want to become a VisionGo Business Member and drive business leads? Follow the instruction and apply now!
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HSBC VisionGo is a free online information and service platform with more than 27,000 members that provides up-to-date information to SMEs in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) who want to grow their business and expand into overseas markets, as well as to help them to find partners. 

If you are a service provider who would like to drive additional business leads and acquire customers, you are highly encouraged to become a VisionGo Business Member. 

Here is a complete guide to VisionGo Business Member account application, follow the instruction and become VisionGo Business Member now!

Part 1 – To become a Member on VisionGo

If you already registered a Member account on VisionGo, you can login the account and skip to Part 2

*Please note that the individual member who completes online Business Member application and binds his/her member account with the Business Member account firstly will become the “primary admin”, so that he/she can assign another admin or other editors to manage the Business Member account together.  You can find more details in FAQ at the end of this article.

  1. Please go to our member registration page and click “sign up as member”. You will be directed to member account registration page and you will be asked to fill in your account information. 
  2. After filling in info, you will be asked to verify your email. Then your member account will be created!

Part 2 – To become a Business Member

After creating a member account, please stay in the logged-in status.

  1. Please go to the home page of HSBC VisionGo and click “Become a creator”.
  2. Scroll down and click “Sign up as business member” and you will be asked to fill in company information.
  3. Please fill in your company information in company details page.
  4. After filling in company information, you will be directed to this page and please DO NOT leave. Click the member account you have just created.
  5. After clicking your member account, your online application process is done! 

However please be reminded to return the verification form (will send to your registered email) to us. Only after HSBC VisionGo approving your verification form, your company profile will become active and become visible on HSBC VisionGo.

Part 3 – To complete the verification form

  1. Complete and require authorized signer to sign the application form.
  2. Send the scan copy of the application form to before mailing the form.
  3. Return the true copy of the application form to the following address.

    Attn to IBG 
    Level 10, Tower 3, HSBC Centre, Sham Mong Road, Hong Kong
  4. VisionGo team will verify and confirm your application.
  5. You will receive the activation email to activate your business member’s account, your company profile will become active and become visible on HSBC VisionGo.

Enrich your company profile to get more leads

Once your company profile has been created and verified, we strongly encourage you to enrich your company profile and keep it up-to-date. Your company will be able to rank higher on the “Partnerships” page, making it easier for your potential clients to find you. 

For more information, please read this article: Let's enrich your company profile in HSBC VisionGo to gain more exposure!


Q: What are the differences between Member and Business Member?



Business Member


  • Can read exclusive articles
  • Can register events
  • Can enjoy the offer published by HSBC VisionGo Business Member
  • Can receive regular e-Newsletter to gain market insights
  • Can explore and find your potential partners from our service catalogue “Partnerships”


  • All users


  • N/A


  • Can enjoy all features of member
  • Can be featured in our service catalogue “Partnerships”
  • Can have your own portal to manage your content and data
  • Can create and publish contents, events, offer
  • Can manage and view data insights for your company’s content


  • Service providers


  • HSBC Business Account needed



Q: What is the requirement of writing the registration document number?

A: If you use your Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation as your Registration Document Type, you just have to fill in the first 15 digits of the Business Registration Certificate number or Certificate of Incorporation number. No worry, it is just for the purpose of identity verification. 

Q: Is it necessary to create a Member account to become a Business Member? 

A: Yes! You are strongly suggested to create a Member account before Business Member Registration. Please do remember bind your Member account in Business Member application process!

Q: What is the prerequisite to become a Business Member on HSBC VisionGo?

A: You need an HSBC business account.

Q: Does it take any charges? What is the subscription fee?

A: No, it is totally FREE OF CHARGE. As long as you have an HSBC business account, you can register to become a Business Member for free. 

If you do not have an HSBC business account but you are really interested to become Business Member, it is never too late to start an HSBC business account! Contact  if you have any questions about HSBC business account opening.

Q: Can I bind more than one company profiles with a single Member account? 

A: Yes, you can! However, friendly reminder that in order to create more than one business profiles for different companies, you need to submit separate applications and documents for each company.

Q: What is the difference between authorized signer and primary admin?

A: Authorized signer does not necessarily mean primary admin. The role of authorized signer is to acknowledge that your company is willing to join HSBC VisionGo as a Business Member by signing the verification form, in accordance to banking system record; while primary admin is the one who completes online Business Member application and firstly binds his/her Member account to the company profiles, so as to manage the Business Member account. 

Q: How long will the application process take?

A: As long as you have completed the online application and we, HSBC VisionGo team, have received your signed verification form to approve your company profile, you will be able to publish contents on HSBC VisionGo as a Business Member. The application process is normally completed within a week.

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