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Original Taste Workshop

In the current “new normal” conditions, the retail industry is facing major challenges and many businesses are moving their brick-and-mortar stores online to expand their customer base and boost sales.

Original Taste Workshop, a popular health food and beverage chain, started their digital transformation two years ago. One of their keys to success was having a highly stable network. They have used HKT’s business telephone and broadband services for many years and they have always kept their business operating smoothly. HKT has a large and experienced team that understands their business needs, and provides them with professional advice and information on new technology from time to time. This has greatly improved their planning for future operations and market promotions.

Due to the COVID restrictions, everyone is eating at home more and for the catering business this has greatly increased the demand for takeaway. To capture this opportunity, Original Taste Workshop decided to use HKT’s HeyPark mobile ordering platform.

This HeyPark app integrates both take-out and dine-in functions and can collect orders from customers instantly. By simplifying the ordering process, it has created big savings on staff and time for Original Taste Workshop. Customers can also place orders remotely through the online platform and pick up their food at predetermined times which helps to create a seamless O2O retail experience. Original Taste Workshop can also boost promotions and publicity through the HeyPark app to enhance their brand image.

Nowadays, customers are used to shopping online so many companies have been forced to expand their sales channels. By partnering with HKT’s The Club, Original Taste Workshop can promote their products online to more than 3 million Club members who can enjoy exclusive discounts on their products through the Club rewards program. This has greatly increased their customer coverage and brand visibility.

Original Taste Workshop is very forward looking with their marketing and operation strategies. Even when facing today’s ever-changing market environment, they continue to seize every new opportunity that digital transformation offers them.

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