How Cloud Managed Service Ease Your Workload? | Article – HSBC VisionGo

How Cloud Managed Service Ease Your Workload?

Cloud? On-premise? 

“By 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-Internet’ policy is today.” by David Smith, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner.
We had talked about “Go to Cloud” since the last decade, but many enterprises still don’t know how and when should go to Cloud.

There are 4 main challenges:

Because of those challenges, the enterprises find that they're internal IT was difficult to keep up-to-date technology and skills to their workloads to the cloud.

What is Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud Managed Services is the outsourcing of day-to-day IT management of cloud-based services (like cloud platform, SAAS, PAAS model application environment) and help the enterprise to automate and enhance their business operations by the cloud technology.

Basically, the cloud managed services including the maintenance, production support and continuous monitoring for the following:

Is Managed Services Replace Internal IT?

Managed Services isn't out to replace the internal IT, but it can certainly supplement and assist your current internal IT staff, the current internal IT staff will be able to take advantage of it as it strives to prevent downtime and the day-to-day tasks. Then the internal IT can focus on their expertise area and help to enhance the business process.

Normally the Managed Service provided with a fixed monthly/yearly cost. Beside of offload the internal IT workload, Managed Service can also help to keep your IT budget expenses.

Planning for Managed Service and the Goal

Managed Services not equal to outsourcing everything to the managed service provider, but you can choose areas that you don't like or not the expertise, and let the professionals provide them. Or you can list out the tasks or projects to determine where the bottleneck is and then outsource these bits. As Managed Service’s Goal is to “Ease Your Workload”