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This article is part of the Welcome Guide series created for HSBC VisionGo Business Members.

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This article is part of the Welcome Guide series created for HSBC VisionGo Business Members. Business Members have exclusive access to our article and event publication, management, and audience insights.


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And last but not least, some community best practices...

Be open-minded

HSBC VisionGo was created over the vision of allowing members to learn “how to”. Thus, members are joined through the common objective of learning about the lesser known, or even, the unknown. As entrepreneurs, we are all on the forefront of exploring relatively untouched territory, so please remain open-minded to any new ideas you encounter. Build each other up instead of undermining ideas that others have so graciously decided to share to push for more growth and progress!

Be nice and respectful

At the core of HSBC VisionGo is user-generated content. Needless to say, you, our users, are the core of HSBC VisionGo. Behind every account is a fellow human-being who deserves our respect, consideration and fair treatment. Be welcoming and encouraging to all members of the community. Although we recognise that disagreement is an essential feature of constructive discussion, please still remain civil and courteous in the face of differing beliefs and opinions. Resort to reasoning and empathy instead of jumping to conclusions and judging before actually understanding.

Be responsible Business Members  

HSBC VisionGo aims to encourage the exchange of ideas between fresh entrepreneurs and experienced business veterans alike. Please recognise this purpose and always keep your audience in mind when posting content. We want to foster meaningful and genuine interactions so kindly refrain from posting self-glorifying or irrelevant content. Try to keep ideas fresh instead of delving on dated content repeatedly.

Follow the law 

HSBC VisionGo does not exist to support or encourage illegal activities such as organised crime and hate groups. In particular, HSBC VisionGo has a zero-tolerance policy to issues of copyright and trademark infringement. Always obtain consent and credit from the original authors. We also take the responsibility of safeguarding one’s reputation very seriously, so please do not abuse your freedom of speech in defaming others. All in all, ensure that you know your rights and liabilities and think before you act.


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