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This article is part of the Welcome Guide series created for HSBC VisionGo Business Members.

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This article is part of the Welcome Guide series created for HSBC VisionGo Business Members. Business Members have exclusive access to our article and event publication, management, and audience insights. 


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Highlights of our Content Policy

HSBC VisionGo aims to facilitate the exchange of business knowledge in a professional and accessible manner. We pride ourselves in having a diverse network of members who contribute to the numerous ground-breaking ideas and conversations on the platform.

To maintain our platform’s integrity and to ensure that member exchanges remain constructive, these are 11 categories of content that are a no-go for our platform:

We encourage all members to take a thorough look at our Content Policy, which provides more details and examples under each category: www.visiongo.hsbc.com.hk/policy/content

Remember, YOU are responsible for making sure everyone who operates your Business Member account adheres to our rules. Failure to do so will result in penalties, including suspension of your account, termination of your membership, or even legal action.


想為滙豐機滙提供內容嗎 免費成為商務會員





請記住,有責任確保每個營運您的商務會員賬戶的人士都遵守我們的規定。 否則您可能受到處罰,包括停用賬戶、終止會員資格甚至被起訴。


想为汇丰机汇提供内容吗? 免费成为商务会员。 




我们鼓励所有会员仔细阅读我们的内容政策。内容政策就每一类受管制内容提供了更多详细资料和示例: www.visiongo.hsbc.com.hk/policy/content


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