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How to Stay Sane During COVID-19 (Hong Kong)
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Mental health in Hong Kong has historically been a significant but stigmatised issue but the pandemic has made things much worse. Check out the video below to reframe the ways in which you’re probably already taking care of your mental health to cope with stress, depression and everything in between more effectively.

Mental Health Charities & Resources (HK)

Joyful Mental Health Foundation

  • Professional Counselling
  • Peer Group Support
  • Training for Family Doctors

Mind HK

  • COVID-19 Mental Health Relief Scheme
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online Training Workshops

Mental Health Foundation (MHF)

  • Medication for Mood Disorders
  • Youth Mental Health Programs
  • Education Programs

Elaine Wong — Associate (Content Creation), WNJ Ventures

Elaine Wong
Elaine Wong
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