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Share your offer with potential customers with a single click on HSBC VisionGo - it's easy and free!

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The “Offers” feature is now here!! 

This feature is available to all Business Members. Business members can now promote offers for free on VisionGo in addition to publishing articles and hosting events .

The Benefits of Uploading Offers on HSBC VisionGo...

  1. Your promotion products or services will be automatically pushed to highly relevant audience 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧.
    Instead of disappearing out of sight after a few hours, your offers will be recommended to members who have indicated their interest in your business, content, brand, or related topics.

  2. We will blast out your offers for you, with zero hidden fees📢.
    We feature your offers on HSBC VisionGo’s “Discover”, “For You”, and through our personalised newsletters, so you’ll connect with your potential customers without any hassle or fees.
  3. An additional channel through which you can connect with your customers💁🏻‍♀️.
    You’ll have a chance to connect with customers through VisionGo that you have yet to reach through other channels. Your exposure in Google search results can be improved by leveraging the high-ranking position of the HSBC domain on major search engines.
  4. It takes less than 5 minutes to publish your offers… and will be just as easy for your customers to redeem🚀.
    All you need is the details of your offers -  you can leave the formatting and layout to us.

The 6 Simple Steps to Create an Offer on HSBC VisionGo

  1. You’ll need to upload a logo before you can publish an offer. 
    The admin(s) of the profile need to upload a logo for the company profile before the company can publish an offer.  ▲Under My Profile, go to Edit Profile and upload a picture for your profile.
    ▲Under My Profile, go to Edit Profile and upload a picture for your profile.
  2. Find Offers in your creator portal.
  3. Fill in the basic details of your offer.
    ▲Fill in your WhatsApp phone number to facilitate communication with your customers (this is optional).
    ▲Select the category* that best describes your offer: Accounting/Design/Ecommerce/Employee benefits/Enterprise resource planning/Finance/Human resources/Legal/Lifestyle/Logistics/Management/Marketing/Payments protection/Technology/Others

  4. Give your offer a description and hero image that will make it stand out from the crowd. ▲You can add a description of up to three lines, with each line able to have up to 100 characters to share the details of your offer with your customers. 
  5. Add the terms and conditions for your offer.▲You can have up to 1500 characters for your Terms and Conditions. 
  6. Set the redemption message.(Optional)This is the message your registrants will receive in their confirmation email after they request to redeem your offer. You can provide any additional information you see fit to your registrants such as a promotional code, redemption link and message for your registrants

You’re all set👯‍♀️! A registration update including the number of registrants will be sent to your email regularly. 

Upload your offers to VisionGo now! It will take less than 5 minutes. 
Not yet a Business Member? Sign up for free by filling out the form here.  

We are going to launch more new features for you to interact with your customers. Stay tuned😌!

❓Have a question? Let us know how you get on via support-visiongo@hsbc.com.hk☺️
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