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Whether it’s business plans, proposal binders, or marketing copy, entrepreneurs have a lot to keep track of, so how can you keep everything in line?

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Whether it’s business plans, proposal binders, or marketing copy, entrepreneurs have a lot to keep track of and every document means something to your business. A large business with a huge budget may find it easy to file and organize its papers but it can be trickier for small businesses to achieve a more organized and manageable workspace. The good news is that "anyone can achieve that, provided that they have the commitment", says Marie Kondo, a renowned Japanese organization consultant who has written four books on organizing spaces that have sold millions of copies worldwide. She believes that any workspace can “spark joy” regardless of whether you have a home office or a modest cubicle. Now, check out the main takeaways of Kondo’s approach and get ready to spark joy at work:

  1. Decide what you want from your workspace

    This is about your commitment to your ideal workspace. We usually want a workspace that is clean, motivates us to be more productive, and ultimately boosts our efficiency at work. Establishing clear goals will help you make the right decisions throughout this organization process.
  2. Remove everything from your workspace and divide them into groups

    Clearing everything out from your desk before organizing your space is a typical Marie Kondo trick. Once everything is in front of you, you will have a clean slate to review all the items that have made their way into your workspace over the weeks, months, or years. Then, you can divide them into groups such as books, business letters, reference materials, and miscellaneous items.
  3. Decide what sparks joy

    When Marie Kondo writes about “sparking joy” at work, she is talking about finding the things that make you feel good about yourself. Say you have a blazer that has been sitting on your chair for a year. You may want to ask yourself, “does this blazer represent me?”, “do I feel good wearing this at work?” Deciding what sparks joy is also the process of reflecting on the person you want to become in your professional life. As Marie Kondo says, "the space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past."

    Here is how Marie Kondo inspired American comedian Hasan Minhaj to find what sparks joy.

    Some tips on sparking joy:

    #1: Keep, with confidence, the things that bring you joy. Throwing away as much as possible is not the same as achieving an ideal, tidy space. We need to remember that the purpose of tidying space here is to create a workspace that makes us feel good now and into the future.

    #2: View the organization process as a time to be introspective about your current priorities and what you may want in future. It can be daunting to put everything from your workspace into one big pile and go through it item by item but this gives us a precious occasion to decide what is worth our time, space, and energy.
  4. Put items back where they belong

    After items that spark joy are kept with confidence, it is time to put them in the right place. Before leaping straight into drawers, put everything into boxes or partitioned sections first. Part of what makes us disorganized is that it is difficult for us to put things back where they belong. By putting things in separate boxes or areas, you can keep items in their different categories. This method will create a neat and tidy storage arrangement that will help you become the worker you want to be.Here are some ideas for how to organize your items in boxes in better ways:

    Some takeaways from the clip:

    #1: Reorganizing items in transparent boxes rather than colored ones. Being able to clearly see what you have in your boxes will save the hassle and mess of looking for things.

    #2: Keep power cords in drawers. We’ve all been there. Tangled wires that take over your workspace look messy and even frenzied. The workaround is simple: whenever a cord is not in use, place it in a small bag and put it the bag in a drawer. Pick a bag that is one of your favorite colors so every time you need to plug it in a cord you get a little spark of joy!

    #3: Put aside limited space for seasonal items. For example, if you’re a marketing company and put up Christmas decorations at your workspace every year, make sure to dedicate a set, limited amount of space to them or they’ll accumulate when you’re too busy to keep track and eventually overflow.

Do not underestimate what a physically tidy office can bring to you and your employees. A visually decluttered desk can help declutter minds, highlight priorities, and ensure you stay on top of things.