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With good product reviews, your product is going to sell quickly. However, many sellers neglected the importance of product review.

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Wanna increase the sales of your product? Pay some attention to your product review section!

What is Product Review?

On different shopping sites, and usually below the part of the product description, there is a section for customers to leave comments or ask questions. The comments could be talking about the feedback that they have regarding the product. The customer could also leave a complaint or compliment there to express their satisfaction over the product. These few sentences could be more powerful than you have ever thought of. Many people based on these comments to make the decision of whether buying or not. In order words, the product reviews accounted for a big part of your sales, but many sellers have neglected the importance of encouraging the customers to drop a product review. In here, we are going to discuss the importance of the product reviews, and where you can sell the product and gain product reviews. So, here we go!

The Importance of the Product Review

Importance: Point #1 Product Review Gives an Advanced Product Description

The perfect product description can't be done by only a single person. No seller in the world can write a perfect product description that shows all the details of the product. Also, when you are too close to the product that you have been selling, you are probably going to be objective. You are writing the product description from your own perspective, sometimes you can't cover all the "good and bad" of the product. In fact, the people who purchased, used, and experienced your product are able to throw out the crucial insight of your product. With more product reviews, you can have a better product description, which provides a whole picture of your product to people who never used your product before, and help to further engage your potential customer. The sellers could even take some of the words from the product review to enhance the completeness of the product description.

Importance: Point #2 Build Trust and Authority to Your Product

Another point to boost the sales of your products is by gaining trust from customers. The authority of your product is built by the engagement of your customers with your product. With more comments and feedback in the product review section, there would be more engagement and the search engine will know that your product is at an active state. The positive comments give other customers the trust when they are looking at your product, and makes you look reliable and worth to buy stuff from you. As a result, your product would gain more exposure and increase sales.

Importance: Point #3 Improve SEO Performance

This is one of the most important points to take consideration. The numbers of comments in the product review section give you a huge advantage on the SEO performance. The search engine ranks the product with the number of customer search that product or how popular it is of the product. You obtain the popularity of the product with searches and comments. There are tons of similar products out there on different online marketplaces. SEO performance makes a huge different among these products. The products show on the first result page probably selling 10 times better than the products that show on the second result page.

How Product Review Makes the Differences


According to the study conducted the Bazaarvoice network, the numbers obtained from the study could be overwhelming. One product review can result in a 10% increase in sales and 200 reviews can results in as much as a 44% increase in sales. Check out the graph, for more information.

How to Get the "Real" Product Review

Getting product reviews from customers is probably a hard thing to do, there are plenty of methods out there on the internet that can inspire you and teach you how to get the organic product reviews from the customer, but not every method fit your business. Sometimes, you got to figure out how to get the product review in your own way. Hence, Starlity offers you one of the best options to solve this problem.

Starlity is an ecommerce selling platform founded by former managers from Amazon and Three in London, and their goal is to create a hassle-free platform to kick start selling online. Signup for Starlity is free, and there are more than 1,500 online digital specialists to optimize the processes of selling products online.

Starlity incorporated with Amazon's Get Product Reviews Program. The sellers on Starlity benefit from this by subscribing to the service. In fact, Amazon handpicks reviewers from those purchased your product, and reviewers are offered purchase vouchers in exchange for posting a review, and finally, you are having reviews displayed on your product listing. The sellers on Starlity don't need to worry about how to get the product review while they are selling the product.