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A comparison based on data collection capacity, as well as functions and features

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Search data is a signal for businesses to understand how their brand is perceived by customers. A lot of marketers collect search data through Google Search Console. But at Aloha, we have developed our own SEO platform Quanery which bypasses certain limitations of Google Search Console.

As SEO specialists, our team has seen impressive results using Quanery to help our clients enhance their website performance and SEO rankings. With this tool becoming available in the market, here we will share the differences we have experienced between Google Search Console and Quanery, and how Quanery can help marketers and agencies to enhance SEO performance.

In terms of Data Collection

All organic search performance data are held by Google, and Google Search Console is the tool to access those data. Search queries are included in Google Search Console as part of the Search Traffic section.

Google has limited the amount of search query data available in the search console interface to only 1,000 rows of data. 

Aloha Quanery has the capability to extract full set of queries pool without Google Search Console’s 1,000-row limitations. We have investigated with a client who operates a busy ecommerce website. 

Read our full report to find out how Quanery has made a difference in data collection for this ecommerce website.

Why is search query data important for your SEO?

SEO is now content-focused. Marketers need to put up the right content, in order to rank well in search engines. But how do we know which content is right?

With queries data in hand, marketers can put them into analysis to gain valuable insights. This provides the opportunity for marketers to understand user search behavior and how the brand is positioned in the digital world. It also enables marketers to modify their digital strategies and look for new potential keywords to optimize website content and Ad campaigns. 

In terms of functions & features

Google Search Console offers tools and reports on search traffic and performance of a website; whereas Aloha Quanery is a streamlined platform that centralizes key functions that are needed to tackle SEO problems. While the 2 tools support some features similar in nature such as search query collection, search analytics, crawlability, indexing, the following features differentiate them.

Google Search Console supports these features that Quanery does not support: Content Removal, Site Security, Internal and External Links, Mobile Usability.

Aloha Quanery is equipped with the following features which Google Search Console does not support: Query Categorization, Advanced Speed Test, Site Audit, Sitemap Generator, Competitor Search Ad Monitoring and Robot Simulator.

For a full table of functions and features comparison, you can go to our full report here

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