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Can’t believe it’s already July. It’s officially halfway through 2021! Continue to read to know more about SleekFlow's newest features!
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Can’t believe it’s already July. It’s officially halfway through 2021. What have you done? 

I get that. It’s a serious question. Just don’t overthink. Forget about the philosophical review of the first half-year. Let’s take a look at our newest features you can immediately leverage:

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Several teammates joined to handle one single conversation

What is even better than simultaneously logging in to the same social messaging account without being logged out? With SleekFlow, you can now even collaborate with your teammates to reply to the same customer together, and each of you would receive notifications on your cell phones via your mobile SleekFlow app.

You can add at most five collaborators in a chat to manage the conversation together. Both the contact owner and collaborators will receive notifications when there are new incoming messages! 

No worries that you might miss customers’ messages because now you have a team to manage each conversation! 

Good News for WhatsApp Users!

Chat Buttons

Your customer can now reply to you with just one click. See how the buttons would appear in your chat below.

All official WhatsApp account users can now submit tailored-made chat buttons under our Template Manager on our platform. 

See this blog to find out more about official WhatsApp account (Official WhatsApp API).

Difference between two button types SleekFlow users: 

Quick reply 

Call-to-action CTA 

Up to 3 buttons can be embedded into one message.

Only one can be embedded into one message.

The buttons are generally short answers. 

It aims to trigger some “quick replies” to cater to the FAQs.

The button will be a link. The action in this “call-to-action” button is to direct your customer to a specific website. 

Example use case: 

It can be the first greeting message to your customer. For example:

“Hi, thanks for contacting us! What’s your preferred language?” 

Then two buttons, “Chinese,” “English”, could be the answer choices. 


“What’s the expected campaign started date?” The answer could be “immediately,” “in a month,” “in a quarter.”

It is instrumental in qualifying/ prioritizing leads and handling the primary inquiry. The above gif is an example of a quick reply.  

Example use case: 

It can be an abandoned shopping cart reminder. The link, of course, will be redirected to the checkout page! 

Yes. The use case is as simple as that.

Trust me; the chat button is the best tool to convert a lazy customer. It works for us. It will work for you too. 

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Our latest Live Chat feature!  

What’s Live Chat

Take a look at the bottom right. Yes, that pop-up chatbox is the Live Chat. When you visit a store, you will be greeted by an actual salesperson. Customers won’t expect less for an eCommerce store. A smart eCommerce store should have a virtual sales manager. See what our latest Live Chat can do below. 

Store Live Chat users in contact form to generate leads.




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Crystal Wong
Crystal Wong