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Serviced Offices

1. WHAT OFFICES SHOULD STARTUPS CONSIDER?“Serviced Offices”, “Business Centres” or “Co-working“ (learn more here), are flexible workspace solutions that offer an immediate occupation solution and are readily available. Typically these providers can accommodate a range of office sizes, from one person and up to 200+ people, with use of shared services including meeting rooms, reception area, server room and breakout facilities.


Whether you are a startup or an SME, some of the potential benefits with flexible workplace are specified below. In Hong Kong, prices typically range from HK$3,000 - 9,000 per workstation. For further information, see the cost breakdown here.


  • Cost-effective, fully equipped spaces.
  • Flexible leases, with minimal lead times and no set-up costs.
  • Reliable service support that frees entrepreneurs to concentrate on getting their venture off the ground.
  • Access to virtual office services that give you the freedom to work wherever you need to.
  • Constant innovation and R&D from a committed flexible workspace provider.
  • The chance to brainstorm with and learn from other, sometimes more established, businesses.


  •  The ability to operate from high-quality sites.
  • The opportunity to take on locations cost-effectively to be close to clients.
  • A choice of workspace experiences to match your own corporate image and aspirations.
  • Business service and support, with no requirement to employ non-core staff.
  • Access to the latest technology, with 24/7 technical support and a business-class infrastructure.
  • The availability of meeting spaces and business communial areas.

3. SERVICED OFFICE VS TRADITIONAL OFFICE?For companies considering an office for the first time, it often requires a six month approach to focus on business strategy, understanding medium-term growth plans and where the business is best located. It is recommended that businesses consider temporary offices, so that they can evaluate likely business growth requirements before taking on a traditional lease.

Capital Expenditure

  • Traditional offices require a commitment to larger initial capital expenditure (i.e. office design & interior fit out). There are also reinstatement obligations upon the expiry of the lease.
  • Companies can limit their initial capital outlay through flexible workspace solutions, although usually at a higher cost-per-square foot than leasing your own space

Commitment Term

  • Traditional offices typically require a minimum lease term of 2-3 years.
  • Serviced office space commitments last anywhere between 3 - 12 months and can provide solutions for those companies looking to set up quickly or need a short-term commitment that can also support scale (particularly for high growth industries where headcount projections are constantly changing).


  • Agreement of the terms are documented by way of a “Service Agreement” which sets out all the pertinent terms and conditions of the license and is signed by both the provider and the occupier.
  • Service Agreements are typically condensed into a digestible 2 - 5 page document, which compared to traditional lease agreements, can span 100 pages, notwithstanding various legal documentations that accompany the lease.


  • Traditional offices are in the medium to long term (2-5+ years) more cost effective per head than serviced office or co-working solutions
  • Initial capital expenditure is much higher with a tradtional lease, but is amortised over the lease term.
  • The flexibility serviced offices offer can often be priceless and can provide cost effective solutions for individuals/ small companies or businesses that are undergoing rapid growth with volatile or uncertain headcount projections. 
  • When negotiated well, serviced offices can also provide an effective medium term solution through cutomised or managed office solutions.

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