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LOUDER is an organization who supports individuals and organizations to become their best expressive selves.
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There I was, a small town girl from Western Canada flying across the Pacific Ocean to intern for a very successful event management company in Hong Kong.  I had no idea what to expect when I got there, but assumed the company would ease me into its operations and slowly increase my responsibilities.  I was wrong.  

Upon landing at six o'clock at night I was instructed to put on my nicest black dress and to make my way immediately to The Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong.  When I arrived, I was immediately drawn to a tremendous ball of energy, confidently, smoothly, and with incredible tact and assertiveness orchestrating the entire event like a well-written symphony, that ball of energy was Yamilette Cano.  She spied me at the door, greeted me with a giant smile and a warm hug, asked me how my flight was, and informed me that from that point onwards I was in charge of ensuring the kids act was on time and ready to perform, proper management of the takeaway gift section, and overseeing hotel staff at the check in.  This is what Yamilette does.  She pushes your boundaries further than you think possible and coaches you into becoming a leader far beyond any limitations you have placed on yourself.  And she does it with grace and speed, like the ballerina she was. 

These are some of the many reasons why I have joined Yamilette full time at LOUDER, to be inspired and mentored everyday at work is a rare opportunity and with Yamilette I have both of these.  

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Yamilette, a woman of many talents, prides herself on the ability to command attention in any given room through the power of her voice, allowing her to be the natural-born public speaker and entrepreneur that she is today.  Yamilette speaks multiple languages, including:  English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, which is a true testament to her high aptitude towards adapting and grasping new concepts with ease.


Yamilette’s adventure started in Mexico City where her upbringing was always full of color, creativity, and emotion with her amazing parents Maggie Cano and Luis Morales -- who continue to be her supporters, critics, teachers, fans, mentors, and advisors.  Yamilette has always dreamed of gracing the stage with her movements and emotions so at the age of five Yamilette started dancing classical ballet and immediately fell in love with the art.  Yamilette’s interest in public speaking also began at a very young age through competitions and speaking at her local university radio station.


In her twenties, Yamilette had the opportunity to dance for audiences around the globe while studying international relations in university.  After graduating university Yamilette decided to retire from dance and chase other adventures that allowed her to experience more of her colors, passions, and strengths.  After retiring as a professional ballet dancer, Yamilette knew she needed to discover another passion that would give her a similar feeling of being on stage and creating a connection with the audience. 

Yamilette arrived in the beautiful bustling city of Hong Kong in 2008 where she explored different paths and pivoted to find a way to purposefully direct her passions.  Through producing events, she found public speaking where she had the opportunity to express herself, create her Speaking Brand: Yamilette Cano, and share her craft with the world on stage.


Even though Hong Kong has a population of 7.5 million it feels like a small town where everyone knows everyone.  Yamilette started acting as a master of ceremonies (MC) at various events she was producing where she started to build a name in the public speaking sector of Hong Kong through networking and relationships with key community members.  Yamilette’s speaking career took off and she has now MCed, hosted, moderated, and conducted interviews in Asia, Europe, and the Americas at over 500 events.


Yamilette has cultivated a personal brand of a speaker who is a colorful, elegant, and passionate speaker who is proud of her roots.  When speaking on virtual or live stages, Yamilette uses a fearless approach and a bit of comedy to make people feel at ease and have a good time.  She embraces her true authentic self as a part of her personal brand which allows her to be at ease on stage. 


Yamilette is an entrepreneur at heart and her dream from an early age was to own her own business built off of her love of color, creativity, and emotion.  She made this dream come true in 2018 and hand in hand with her existing Speaking Brand, LOUDER Global was built. LOUDER is a brand designed with bright colors which is normally not recommended in Asia but Yamilette defied all odds and it has flourished as a brand. LOUDER consists of a team of seven hardworking individuals across the globe, there are employees in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Even though the team is on three different continents, it is so important to incorporate authentic team building to maintain team resilience.  

Yamilette’s philosophy as a leader is to be a coach not a manager.  She believes that a good leader will use their emotional intelligence to build compassion, mindfulness, and playfulness in the workplace and in their relationships with their colleagues.  Yamilette is a life-long student and encourages the same from her team.  She always has a new book in hand or is taking a course or listening to podcasts and TED Talks.  Yamilette stands by her belief that if you take care of your team they will take care of you -- meaning that, a happy and confident team will provide exceptional service to their clients which will give your organization an impressive and positive reputation. 

LOUDER’s mission is to help individuals and organizations around the world communicate their message with motion, emotion, and impact!  LOUDER does this through personalized coaching, speaking services, corporate branding, and event consulting.  Whether it is through refining one’s negotiation skills training, tips to landing your dream speaking gig, or taking your brand to the next level, LOUDER guides their clients every step of the way to get the impressive results that they want. 


LOUDER Global, like many other businesses in 2020, pivoted and adapted to the primarily virtual world we now live in after the COVID-19 pandemic.  LOUDER is grateful to already have the digital platform in place to have the programs, speaking services, event consultancy, and branding from anywhere around the globe.  Yamilette’s positive attitude and adaptability allowed the team to confidently support their clients with ease.

LOUDER’s most popular courses right now with the global situation teach individuals to confidently communicate digitally.  Programs like LOUDER’s Communication Skills 101, Work From Home (WFH) Reality program, Stress Management & Unexpected Situations, and Collaborative Culture programs have become extremely popular and assisted countless organizations in adjusting to this new norm while ensuring that they support their employees' needs.  LOUDER believes in the importance of training and building confidence in the presence of the camera, how to resonate throughout the 2D medium, adjusting the storytelling structure, virtual team building, and resilience with teams abroad.

LOUDER has stressed the importance of supporting teams working from home and giving them the tools to be confident on camera and provide the same empathy and body language that you would normally do in person.  Individuals are like TV hosts now with all of the video meetings and presentations that are taking place -- only the shoulders and head are shown and enunciation as well as body language may need to be slightly exaggerated.  When you are a “TV host” it is key that you are confident at being you and that you can portray emotion through motion without overdoing it.    

It is being romanticized that we will soon be going back to live events and the normal, however, it may take a while to get back to this point.  We may have a hybrid style of events where there is a virtual as well as an in-person portion for people around the world.  LOUDER believes networking and doing business in a 100% face-to-face may not be the norm because there are so many benefits to using virtual platforms and organizations see the benefits of having this online communication.  Moving forward staff and leadership roles will need to have further development on their communication skills online.


LOUDER is an organization who supports individuals and organizations to become their best expressive selves.  LOUDER excels in empowering you to build authentic and powerful messaging no matter the medium, online or in person.  Want to learn more?  Want to get LOUDER?  Reach out to the LOUDER team today:


Yamilette Cano
Yamilette Cano