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Tapping into more inspirations with our new Polling feature and new UI!

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📊The new polling feature helps you tap into the collective knowledge of the VisionGo community

Have a question on your mind? Get quick answers by creating a poll in less than 5 minutes.The creators and contributors of a Collection are now able to create polls that will run inside that Collection. 

  • By leveraging the polling functionality, businesses can gather business insights, feedback, and view results in real-time
  • For a deeper analysis of the poll, businesses can go the polling analytics page, a place where they can get key information like – total views, total votes, names of the voters…and much more. As a Member or Business Member on HSBC VisionGo, after you’ve given your answer to the question, you’ll be able to view the real-time results to see how your answers compare to your peers.

🤓Collections, popular articles, and latest content, all at a glance.

With a new look and feel, we aim to give you everything you want in one look.

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