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People nowadays are too spoiled to wait and replying to your clients in just a second is not a saying but rather a reality.
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 “53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.” 


The above research well illustrated that people nowadays are too spoiled to wait. Thanks to technology. In other words, replying to your clients in just a second is not a saying but rather a reality. Remember when you got your message from your credit card company once you signed your dinner bill or the notification you received the second after you checked out your online shopping cart? Seriously, everyone, every sector has utilized this autoreply function through different media. 

When it comes to customer service, no matter it’s for some urgent product issues or the first-ever product inquiry, customers are particularly eager for your reply. Busy clients would not cater to your working hours. They might assume the inquiry is overlooked as long as

it is not yet acknowledged. 51% of customers would not come back if they have a terrible experience. 

That’s why autoreply is helpful. Immediate acknowledgment does not just ensure clients, and its automatic nature can lessen the workload and hence save cost.   


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  • How practical is Autoreply?

  • 【SMEs’ Readings】Ready-to-use autoreply in WhatsApp Business

  • To craft a WhatsApp autoreply

  • Best combo: WhatsApp X Chatbot

  • Autoreply via SleekFlow


Is Autoreply practical?

The essence of autoreply is acknowledgment. The beginner version is to show the status. For instance, if your customer service officers are offline or the line is busy and the expected response time. After all, you just need to ensure the customer that he or she is talking to someone.


The customer's perception is your reality. 

Kate Zabriskie


Autoreply can also be used for the aftersale follow-up. After the inquiry is processed, the chatbot can continue the conversation with customers to show that your company values them.

How can we utilize the autoreply function: 


A customized message, as simple as addressing the customers’ names or specified messages for the different customer journeys. The right message delivered at the right timing could sustain a top-of-mind.  


  • Time-limited birthday discount

  • Product updates

  • Latest articles or tips sharing

  • Applying for promotion:

 “reply [1] to apply.” 


Through automation, the sales team could follow up with a more significant amount of leads more efficiently.


  • Automated confirmation of meetings reminder

  • Products updates

  • Automatic reminders for the remaining goods in the shopping cart

  • Automated bills or receipts

Customer Service:

Building trust and reputation through outstanding customer service. The message crafted is not for promotion but rather for education or information.


  • Welcoming message for new customers

  • Order confirmation

  • Out of business hours notice

  • Survey invitation

  • Overdue reminders

To summarize, the virtue of autoreply is “fast.” It enables enterprises to support consumers’ requests or inquiries quickly. Consumers will be notified if his or her ticket is in progress or finished. The process will hence be more transparent. Enterprises can continue to communicate with customers to boost their satisfaction and convert more sales opportunities. 


【SMEs’ Must Read】Start your own autoreply in WhatsApp Business NOW!

First thing first, this built-in function is FREE! 

There is an autoreply built-in function you should leverage for your WhatsApp Business account. It is free of charge, so no harm to try anyway! 

  1.  Away Message>

You can set away messages when you are busy, out of the office, or away from your phone. A default message will be generated and delivered to all or some of your contacts. You can also set schedule away notifications in a particle time, such as during non-business hours.

To set away message:

1.     Go to Settings > Business Tools > Away Message

2.     Turn on Send Away Message

3.     Stat editing by tapping message under MESSAGE!

Options for scheduling message:

o   Always send: send an automated message any time.

o   Custom schedule: send an automated message only at a specific time.

o   Outside of business hours: send an automated message only during non-business hours. You have to Options for target recipients:

o   Everyone

o   Exclude my contact: send away messages to contacts outside the address book.

o   Everyone except not to send away messages to some selected contacts.

o   Only send to Only send away message to selected contacts.

To be aware that away messages can only be sent when there is an internet connection.

  1. Greeting message

You can set up a greeting message to your first-time customers so that you can engage with them without being awkward. Apart from sending automated replies when your customer approaches you, you can also utilize this function to contact customers that have not been in touch with you over the past 14 days to reheat the leads.

To set greeting messages:

1.     Go to Settings > Business Tools > Away Message

2.     Turn on Greeting Message

3.     Stat editing by tapping message under MESSAGE!

Options for target recipients:

o   Everyone

o   Exclude my contact: send away messages to contacts outside the address book.

o   Everyone except not to send away messages to some selected contacts.

o   Only send to: Only send away message to selected contacts.

Remember to save all options you selected before leaving the setting page of the greeting message.


64% of people across generations said that they prefer messaging to a call or email. (Facebook, 2019) 

Source: Hubspot Marketing Statistics


Rules you should know before creating your own WhatsApp autoreply

Setting up an auto-reply function is not rocket science but what takes your great strength is crafting the content as the message itself is a brand touchpoint.  While the lengthy statement is not a common practice in social messaging, you have to precisely convey your ideas and information using a short number of lines.

Let’s dive right into some practical tricks:


Don’t say, “We will reply to you as soon as possible.”

Say, “We will be replying within 12 hours.”

Second, unify messaging style guide.

Unify the language tone and message structure will strengthen your brand image and allow your customers to relate the content to your business immediately.

  • Use appropriate wordings

  • Avoid using industry jargon.

  • Apply a friendly tone throughout the whole message.

  • Use straightforward and understandable language.

Third, notify your customers about the next step.

Telling your customers the “what next” option will enhance customer’s confidence towards your business and hence, a higher retention rate. For instance, you can send a report to your customers within three days after the complaint is lodged. This can convince your consumers your company is well-prepared. Their opinions are heard and actions will be taken.  

Fourth, personalization.

Maintaining a friendly relationship with your customer is vital for your company’s success. Creating an excellent client experience can encourage word of mouth promotion and expand your customer base through your customers! You can personalize your message with no sweat by simply adding your customer’s name on it, while this can already wield a massive impact on making your customer feel good.

Fifth, give your customers an alternative contact method.

Instances are store locations and phone numbers. 

Sixth, include visual elements in your message. 

55% of B2C (Business to Customer) content creators indicated that visual elements should be prioritized. Indeed, most people prefer looking at photos more than an enormous paragraph of wordings.

Offering you a messaging template: 




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