Where will the e-consumption vouchers be going to? | Article – HSBC VisionGo

Votee has done an agile survey in early May to understand the general public’s preference for e-wallet and their way of using e-vouchers.
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In mid-April of this year, the HK Financial Secretary has further announced details of the electronic consumption voucher (aka e-voucher) scheme. $5,000 HKD e-vouchers will be issued to each eligible HK permanent resident and new arrival aged 18 or above, involving about $36 billion HKD financial commitment. Four Stored Value Facility (SVF) operators, including AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK, have been selected for the implementation. 

How will the general public use these e-vouchers? Which types of merchants will the $36 billion HKD be going to? Votee has done an agile survey in early May to understand the general public’s preference for e-wallet and their way of using e-vouchers. 

Which SVF operators to use?

To choose which SVF operator for receiving e-vouchers, respondents rarely consider the one that they are not currently using. They also prefer the one with ease of usage, i.e. user-friendly interface and handy payment procedure, and is widely accepted by merchants. On the contrary, offering extra benefits or a cash rebate is relatively less important when it comes to choosing which e-wallet to use for receiving e-vouchers. 

As such, 53.4% of respondents prefer Octopus, especially for respondents aged 42 or above, who are more familiar with the easy usage of Octopus. Alipay is also considered by 30% of respondents. 

Where to use e-vouchers?

Daily necessities and dining are the top 2 popular spendings, in which over 60% of respondents will spend their e-vouchers on these 2 types of merchants. Respondents aged 22 or above prefer spending on electronic gadgets while 18-21 years old respondents would consider spending on entertainment. 

Besides, even though withdrawing e-vouchers is relatively less important, 55% of respondents are likely to withdraw e-vouchers from e-wallet if possible.

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