Brain Gym Series : Product Management Trial Class | Event – HSBC VisionGo

10 Sep 2020, Thu
19:00 - 20:30 (HKT)
Online event
Pay on-site - HKD 99
Event Languages
English, Cantonese
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Learn how to work with designers and developers to successfully build and launch digital products.

About this Event

Want to join big tech names like Square, Uber, Google, Amazon, but without a technical background? No problem!

Product Management is one of the hottest jobs in the market right now! It is one of the most versatile skills you can possess. It often serves as a direct path into executive leadership in organisations and making or breaking success for entrepreneurs.

Become the next leader in the Tech sector!

Why should you attend:

  • Accelerate your career to the next level
  • Switch to a more exciting career path
  • Explore international opportunities
  • Build up your business with a product mentality

Trial Class overview:

  • Product Management vs Project Management.
  • Building great products: Understand what your customer needs
  • Today’s product management landscape and career opportunities.
  • Product Management Fundamentals: Tools and Techniques
  • What is Scrum, Agile and MVP?
  • Q&A

* No previous background is necessary .

Language : English Q&A : English + Cantonese

Price : HKD 99

About your instructor :

Mr. Andrew Cheung

London base Product Manager. Ex-Yahoo, 7 years of global product management experiences in FTSE 100 companies as well as startups. University of Nottingham postgraduate mentor. Launched the Yahoo HK PC front page (what you see now!), Tumblr HK, launched 5G in UK, managed event app for 11 events across the world.  

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