How the football industry is coping with the pandemic? | Eduard Castell | Event – HSBC VisionGo

3 Dec 2020, Thu
19:05 - 20:00 (HKT)
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Meet Eduard, Delegate of LaLiga in Hong Kong SAR, Eduard is responsible for to develop LaLiga’s brand with multiple projects. The most recent one is the collaboration with The Open University of Hong Kong to support the development of future sports leaders.

With the current pandemic, has it taken a toll on the Football Industry? What are the key factors for a football league to thrive in the industry?

Football has been one of the popular sports since its early days as a British Colony. What are the challenges and prospects with promoting LaLiga in Hong Kong market?

Eduard will be joining us at 'Don't waste the crisis, build a better Hong Kong' (Global series) on the next episode this Thursday at 6p.m.. 

About Eduard Castell

Eduard Castell was born in Spain and has a degree in international business with a focus on international trade. After three years working between Shanghai and Beijing in a multinational company, he moved to Hong Kong as a delegate of LaLiga, Spanish Football Association, over the last 4 years. The aim is to develop LaLiga’s brand in multiple projects. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the sports and entertainment industry.