Complimentary Interior Design Consultation (Online/ Phone) - Value $1,000 | Event – HSBC VisionGo

InterDots Consultation
3 Jun 2020, Wed, 11:00 -
31 Dec 2020, Thu, 17:00 (HKT)
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Are you planning for your new space? How exciting!

But you know what?

The process could be a lot of headache and nightmares to impact your emotion and finance negatively if you have no idea about design and construction, and it is not uncommon that project owners spend a lot of money for their projects but not getting the desire result - in both design wise and budget wise. 

These are what we can achieve for our clients and turn their design and renovation cost into return on investment:

Residential - Showcasing your personality and define the space based on your lifestyle. More importantly, added-value for your property as an investment.

Commercial brands - Spatial design is part of the branding to spread the brand's message and stand out the from the cloud. Successful spatial design brings in more customers for sales.

Corporate - Interior design can improve employees' work flow and productivity, at the same time our visual impact can deliver your corporate identity and core vision.

Hospitality - Creating unique customer journey is the best way to make your space and user experience memorable, the overall ambiance, textures and details tells your customers a story.


International vision with local experience

Design teams in Japan and Hong Kong to take care the design phase as well as construction phase.

Diversify experience

From nano apartments to commercial spaces to international hotels, we have different expertised designers to take care your projects.

Outstanding design quality with competitive pricing

Supported by Hong Kong Design Centre and subsided by its design incubation programme to grow - faster and bigger.

Awards winner for creativity and innovation

Aesthetically met the expectations of the Italian A' Design awards and awarded by Mediazone for Asia Pacific’s Leader in Hotel Design Solutions

Excellent project management

Awarded by Mediazone for Certificate of Merit, Excellence in Creative Solutions, Project Management and On-Site Cost & Quality Control which recognizes our quality of service from start to end.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to get some ideas and enjoy the exclusive offer for HSBC VisionGo readers - Value $25,000

Simply click the "Register now" button and talk to one of our designers. Booking through this site will automatically enjoy the following benefits.

Complimentary online/ phone consultation - Value $1,000

First we need to see if we are a good match to go further, meeting will be either online via google or by phone. If you wish to meet in our studio, please send an email to

Rebate of conceptual design fee - Value $8,000

After we understand your needs and requirement, we will proposal our conceptual design with a layout plan, coloured elevations and a set of mood and material images, once you are happy with the direction then we will engage and move to design development phase, at that time we will rebate you the initial conceptual design fee ($8,000) and move on to 3D renderings and comprehensive design package for tender/ construction.

Complimentary site survey service - Value $4,000

Before we work on the design package, we need to carry out a detailed site survey to make sure our proposal is realistic. This fee is now waived during the conceptual design phase.

Accessorized interior photos - Value $12,000

Finally your project is done, don't forget to keep a set of professional interior photos from our photographer. This set of photos will be extremely useful for your property resale or commercial marketing for your brand to bring you extra value.Click "Register now" or you'll miss this special offer. Only 2 consultation sessions are available each day.


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