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14 Jun 2020, Sun, 10:00 -
31 Aug 2020, Mon, 18:00 (HKT)
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Size of a Home Doesn’t Matter, But its Linkage with the Owner Matters 

We all agreed that owning a dream home in Hong Kong is no longer easy, we used to design lots of luxury apartments and houses to make property owners to live in the ways they desired. But nowadays, apartments in Hong Kong are getting smaller and smaller, as a property owner, how would you maintain your lifestyle in your own lovely space? Or even if your home is big enough to accommodate three generations, but how can you fulfill different living expectations for all ages?   

The most common issues facing by project owner are budget, design with a touch of personality and their projects look outdated easily as they set their position as a trend follower.

Based on our experience in the industry, with residential project sizes ranged from 200 sq ft for a studio apartment to over 3000 sq ft for a villa, what we can achieve for our clients includes the followings:

  • Keeping your budget with maximum design value.
  • Blend your own characteristics and lifestyle into your everyday living, no matter you are a liquor lover, master chef or a yogi.
  • Rearrange the space to get most benefits from the exteriors and balance the aesthetic and practical aspects.

Every project owner has their own thoughts, needs and expectations, why not ask our designer to see how we can achieve the items on your wish list? Simply click “ASK A DESIGNER NOW” at below and pick an available time slot to have the conversation by phone or by Google Meet/ Hangout.