Use Five Senses to increase ROI of Restaurants and Bars - Free Consultation | Event – HSBC VisionGo

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31 Jul 2020, Fri
14:30 - 15:00 (HKT)
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Use Spatial Arrangement to Enhance F&B Dining Experience for Your Customers 

No matter how delicious the food is in your restaurant, customers are always looking for complete enjoyment and see the overall dining experience as a whole. Some customers they may want a cosy and chic place to gather with friends while some customers may keen for a sophisticated environment to celebrate their anniversary. However, many F&B owners didn’t craft the spatial of the restaurant like how they craft the food menu and end up there is a mislinkage among the food, space and users. Here is what we suggest to F&B owner to increase their profits by using interior design:

  • Arrange the tables and seating with more variety to suit the needs of different customers and they can have a fresh feeling everyone when they come back to your restaurant.
  • Lighting effect and using the right lux level is a very powerful tool to create the desire mood and ambience that match the theme.
  • Enrich your space with some texture and that connects with your customers’ five senses – how a wood smells and how a stone feel, how a screen creates light and shadow and how is the coldness of metals.

Investing in designing the space of your F&B outlet is just as important as investing in your kitchen equipment to satisfy your customers. Want to learn more for crafting a tasteful dining experience? Simply click below “ASK A DESIGNER NOW” to talk to us and see how we can collaborate for new consumer experience for dining and drinking


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