【Messenger X Sanuker 教你善用Instagram Messenger API 開拓無盡商機】線上講座 (由Messenger官方贊助) | Event – HSBC VisionGo

6 Oct 2021, Wed
15:00 - 16:00 (HKT)
Zoom Online Webinar
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Instagram活躍用戶超過 10 億,而有超過90%的Instagram用戶至少追蹤1個品牌,吸引了不少品牌加入瞄準IG客群!但正在Instagram營商的你,有沒有遇到以下情況?

經常要花很長時間回覆大量IG 私訊?



由今天起Messenger API for Instagram讓你即時大規模處理IG 私訊,透過搭配聊天機器人,令品牌可以更方便、智能同個人化嘅方式同客戶對話。

Sanuker 將與 Messenger 官方代表舉行一小時的網絡研討會,分享如何善用Instagram新推出嘅Messenger API功能,推動Instagram營銷、協助你有策略地成功接觸10億Instagram用戶!


1. 甚麼是Messenger API for Instagram及其功能

2. 如何應用Messenger API for Instagram到你的品牌營銷策略

3. 如何配合聊天機械利用 Instagram 促進營銷及成功例子分享

【Messenger X Sanuker Instagram營銷策略講座】


時間:3 - 4pm



Webinar限定優惠:新客戶參加是次Webinar可取得企業製作機械人平台 Stella US$99現金券(約價值港幣$770)



With over 1 billion active Instagram users today, having Instagram Messenger API matters for every brand. According to studies, more than 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand account in Instagram which shows its prominence for companies to improve marketing, sales and customer success goals.

Sanuker will hold a one-hour webinar with Messenger official representative to share how to strategically communicate with your customers on Instagram and learn how building messaging experiences can drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operation costs for businesses.

Our webinar covers the below topics:
1.What is Messenger API for Instagram and the key features
2.How Instagram Messenger API can help e-commerce
3.Learn how businesses are building great experiences in Instagram with Chatbot solution
* The webinar is sponsored by Messenger

Webinar offer: Attendees who join this webinar will receive a $99 USD (approx. $770 HKD) welcome cash voucher for Stella upon 1st subscription. (Limited to new subscription only)

Event Details:
Date: Oct 6, 2021
Time: 3pm-4pm
Venue: Zoom Online Webinar
Language: Cantonese

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Sanuker is a consulting company that provides business messaging solutions with AI-provided and chatbot solutions to international brands in Asia and Europe. We lead the market with our rapid development strategies across messaging platforms and are selected as a Messenger Developer Partner since 2017 and Global WhatsApp Business Solution Provider since 2019. We are looking for talents who believe in building good chatbot solutions to help businesses around the globe.

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