Professionals and Well-being: Tips to Manage Your Stress | Event – HSBC VisionGo

JC Legal
JC Legal
28 Jul 2021, Wed
17:30 - 18:30 (HKT)
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Being a professional is a highly fulfilling career choice, but it is usually just as challenging, especially in maintaining mental health. Mental wellness and stress are increasingly prevalent areas of concern among professionals around the world.

Indeed, a recent study by LexisNexis found that almost 66% of lawyers in the UK experience high levels of stress. Besides, 75% of lawyers consider stress and mental well-being as major issues for the legal profession. Another recent study by Oliver Wyman and the City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong revealed that 1 in 3 professionals in Hong Kong, including solicitors, experience poor mental health.

In particular, due to the nature of their work, family lawyers are more prone to enduring emotional toll and the associated risk factors.

Resilience, agility, and wellness are indeed essential, who have to manage their clients and utilise their resources professionally and productively.

How exactly can professionals foster a positive mindset; manage clients, stress and time well; and promote their overall well-being?