Science x Wellbeing x HR mini workshop | Event – HSBC VisionGo

8 Oct 2021, Fri
14:30 - 17:30 (HKT)
Unit 12, 7/F, Kwong Sang Hong Centre, 151-153 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong
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Join our FREE Taster Session of our workplace well-being program. If you are looking for a fun, unique & cheerful experience to your employees, come join us!

Exploring new approach to manage stress of your employees?
Our workplace well-being program contains series of scientific proof relaxation workshops related to mental health to increase employees' well-being.

What to expect?

1. Taste a handful extract of our wellbeing enhancement solutions - such as VR for imagery relaxation, sound bathing for musical relaxation, self-massage techniques for body-mind connection. 

2. Learn how wellbeing actually contributes to your organizational and personal success and learn the success of some forth-runners in our panel discussion.

3. Leave with some fun, cheers, "aha"s, and inspirations - a bundled cheerful experience.

If you are looking for relaxing and joyful adventure to your employees and yourself, come join us!

2BeGuru is a well-being concerning platform. We leverage evidence-based psychological deployment to design professional mental health service scheme with the aim to enhance sense of well-being in corporations. Our expertise is built on a background in organisational psychology and corporate experience. We are committed to bringing happiness and hope by creating cheerful, fun and reliable experience.