Techstyle X New Year | Muscles Recovery Workshop by diPulse | Event – HSBC VisionGo

The Mills Fabrica
The Mills Fabrica
16 Jan 2021, Sat
15:00 - 16:00 (HKT)
Techstyle X, Shop 108, The Mills, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Pay on-site - HKD 100
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Gain without pain! diPulse enables you to improve your fitness and reshape your body while allowing adequate recovery for each muscle group. Try diPulse smartbelt or smartknee combined with NMES program for a relaxing recovery session focused on the muscles of your lower back or knee, and experience the power of the most effective neuro muscle electrical stimulation (NMES) recovery.



Date: Jan 16, Jan 23

Time: 3-4pm

Venue: Techstyle X, Shop 108, The Mills

Format: 1hour session (max. 6 people)

Registration: Advance booking only



Muscle recovery and discomfort management for your lower back/ knee

HKD100 voucher to spend on diPulse products



HKD100 (and receive HKD100 voucher to spend on diPulse products instore)



For lower back recovery’s participants: Please wear top and bottom separately (avoid one-piece dress)

For knee recovery’s participants: Please wear shorts/ loose pants


About diPulse

diPulse is the world’s first fully integrated smart wearable products developed by NMES Group, with the support of Far Eastern New Century and The Mills Fabrica. By reengineering the technology that sends electrical impulses to nerves and integrating it to app-controlled state-of-the-art textile science, diPulse helps improve health and wellbeing and allows anyone to train anytime, anywhere.