2-month free trial of SEO Tool - Quanery Lite | Offer – HSBC VisionGo

Use Quanery Lite to monitor key SEO metrics!

Functions Highlight:

#1 Keyword Rank Checker - Identify your top driving keywords 

Keyword ranking—where your website is ranked in the search engine result pages for a specified keyword. This directly relates to your website traffic, lead generation, and conversions. Research shows that more than 50% of all search engine users click on a result on the first page. So, the better you rank, the more traffic to your website.

#2 Backlinks Checker - Get a complete breakdown of you and your competitors’ backlink profile

Backlinks—search engines consider backlinks as votes of confidence. In most cases, the more backlinks a website domain has, the more relevant they are for relevant search queries. 

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