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6 Months Free MixCare Health Clinical Plan

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MixCare Health Clinical Offer

We’re a one-stop healthcare solution to keep both your physical and mental wellbeing in check. It all started when we identified the frustration with our local healthcare services, as they are not cost-efficient and not personalised. Moreover, SME employees, young freelancers and their family members are receive little to no health coverage.

With MixCare Health, you pay only what you need at a discounted and transparent fee directly to our selective healthcare professionals, as opposed to paying a huge upfront premium for medical insurance without fully utilising it. 

In addition to medical services, we take an extra step to cover your wellbeing with services such as mental care, fitness and dietary consultations, and caregiving services. Our product puts power back in the hands of people, not systems, so that everyone can access quality care at affordable prices.

We are offering a 6-month free Clinical Plan for your business and employees to explore our network of over 1,000+ clinics and 300+ wellness vendors. With a membership, appointment fees are up to 70% off walk-in prices. 

MixCare Health
MixCare Health