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[60% off] Ask a lawyer

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Social distancing doesn’t set you apart from a lawyer; it draws us closer.

– Janice Chew

In this global health crisis, we don’t give way nor sit back and wait, because we know with unprecedented times come new challenges that call for tactful mitigation or resolution through legal means. We understand cybersecurity scams in Hong Kong have become a new problem for companies, so we provide online legal consultation to assist with your day-to-day queries.

  • Contractual disputes may arise.
  • Cybersecurity scam in Hong Kong may become fierce with remote work.
  • Employees may be laid off or exploited to save labour costs.
  • Business owners may consider winding up a company as a last resort.
  • Domestic unions may become all the more destructive with mandatory social distancing.
  • And myriad others.

These issues need tackling. Urgently.

Understandably, people become ever more cost-sensitive too. This is why we roll out online legal consultation in Hong Kong by appointment for you to get instant preliminary legal guidance.

We also empower you to help others while helping yourself. As a special programme in response to the outbreak, part of our proceeds generated from this clinic go to our community partners, which are non-profit organisations who have difficulties raising funds at this critical time.

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