technine Smart Access - enable self check-in/out & remote management | Offer – HSBC VisionGo

Access Control, 門禁系統

The unpredictable pandemic breaks everyone’s work routine. It’s even harder to monitor attendance and guests’ access to work premises - traditional systems may not allow anyone to access the systems out of a company’s network. 

technine Smart Access is a cloud-based access control solution which can enhance existing system features without altering current settings. Not only can your staff use passcode, access card (NFC) but also mobile app and QR code with permission period set. Moreover, management can download reports anywhere to view access records. 


Apart from passcode or access cards, staff can also use QR code or app for entry. No more worries about forgetting your staff card! 


Visitors can serve themselves with unique QR code for free entry without installing apps. No more hassles on onsite registration and verification. 


Management can view real-time records, create QR codes or terminate any access permissions, and export reports anytime, anywhere. 

Digital transformation is a global trend that has been adopted by numerous companies. Take action NOW to upgrade your systems for business expansion ahead!