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共享空間Amphi Studios,專為網上商店合作而設。空間內設有攝影工作間,直播空間,讓產品設計

About Us

共享空間Amphi Studios,專為創意合作而設。空間內設有攝影工作間,直播空間,讓產品設計、影片創作、品牌推廣和數碼媒體的行業方便使用。

除了硬件設施外,這個共享空間最特別是名為Co-Project Space,講求共事合作,讓過來的人互相擦出火花,希望建立這個空間讓大家創造更多價值。空間將會定期舉辦有關創意產業的工作坊,研討會,計劃簡介會,好讓一班喜歡創意的人有更多交流空間,多時好點子都是透過交流出來。



Amphi Studios Coworking space is a 5000 sq ft curated space for members to come interact and work creatively. A convenient 4-minute walk from Kwun Tong MTR station, the space is equipped with a cafe area, open and private office spaces and is set around a professional photography studio/ event space. 

 Amphi is a membership-based co-project platform, where creatives can come together and amplify each other’s potential.

 We believe new possibilities are born from exchanges and cross-disciplinary connections with different people. 

 Hence Amphi promotes and supports co-project collaborations, accelerating value creation for individuals, businesses and the wider community.

 Address: Unit 608, 6/F, Sunbeam Centre,27 Shing Yip Street ,Kwun Tong