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BAFS(HK) is an accountancy and advisory firm.

About Us

We founded in 2020, BAFS(HK) is an accountancy and advisory firm with a presence in Hong Kong.
We combine innovation and technology to provide professional services with a particular focus on entrepreneurs, start-ups, and fast growing companies. We are not only wanted to be your desirable accountant, we also want to be one of your business partners out of accounting category, bring your business smoother and make us to be a better partner for you. We are licensed with Hong Kong Company Registry to provide corporate services in Hong Kong. We hope we provide an irreplaceable, experienceable and fellowship service, your desirable accounting provider.

We based in Hong Kong and we aim to help SME come across on their business and provide coordinated service from start up. We provide best services for YOU looking to operate in Hong Kong and other regions. Offering a variety of professional services, including company formation and secretary, accounting, auditing, tax advisory, business digital support assistance.

B - Brilliant.We try to provide the brilliancy way to solve your worries.
A - Accounting and Advisory. Our professional.
F - Fellowship. We can as your friend as casual to talk, just share with us.
S - Secretarial. Let us know your needs and we will help you to seek the appropriate position.