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FlexSystem在 IT 行業有著30多年經驗,專門為企業提供各種商業應用系統。

About Us

FlexSystem 是一間廣受香港業界認識的商業應用系統供應商,當中包括:FlexAccount 財務及會計系統、BridgeBuilder人力資源管理系統、Foodival餐廳管理系統等等。

FlexSystem 創立於1987年,30多年來在 IT 行業中累積的經驗以及不斷追求卓越技術的精神下,現今已發展成為亞太地區首屈一指的企業軟件方案開發商。在中國地區、港台澳、和其他亞太區主要城市均設有多個辦事處和營運據點。


FlexSystem為企業提供專業系統軟件(例如:財務及會計、人力資源系統)之餘,還會負責協助評估、實施系統、客服支援、系統維護等等服務。我們深受業界信賴,全球有超過42 個國家的私人和上市公司,以及約25%在港交所上市的公司都是FlexSystem的客戶。

FlexSystem is a well-known commercial software provider in Hong Kong , which provides various systems, including FlexAccount Financial Management System, BridgeBuilder HRMS, Restaurants Management System and more.

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, FlexSystem was founded in 1987. We have now developed into a leading enterprise software solution developer in Asia.There are multiple offices and operating bases in the Greater China region, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, China and many other major cities in Asia.

FlexSystem always puts customers’ benefits as our first priority. By sharing different business news and trends, we strive to establish a long- term and successful business relationship with our customers and help our customers to improve their productivity, efficiency and profits.

FlexSystem does not only provide professional solutions to clients, such as Accounting system, HR system and F&B management system etc.

Besides, we also provide a full complement of support to assist companies to deploy, execute and manage FlexSystem solutions effectively and efficiently.
Being trusted by the industry, around 25% of the Hong Kong listed companies are using our systems, not to mention we have clients across 42 countries.