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11 years' professional investment casting supplier

About Us

11 Year’s Experience Precision casting & Machining OEM Manufacturer, from a single product to volume processing with the highest standards.

We/HuaDa have Cast Dream, a dedicated team that provides professional manufacturing for precision investment casting and machining. Our product range includes Auto spare accessories luxury car steel parts, Locomotive power engine high-speed rail parts, Communication equipment steel parts, Mechanical part of Industry, Sports equipment parts, Kitchen utensils sanitary hardware parts, Steam pneumatic tools, Valves pumps impellers pipe fittings, Construction furniture lamps parts hardware Office, Aerospace equipment part, Marine boat Hardware and Military product parts. We use state-of-the-art technology and unique process capabilities to provide our customers with big or small (from 5g to 30kg per piece) and complex casting choices. 

Our professional team produces plus expertise to ensure that our precision casting solutions always meet/beyond your expectations!

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