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Driving SUDPA

About Us

The Power of Analyzed Statistics in Legal Execution

We are a law firm driven by statistical power. Changes in the world are exponentially fueled by a data revolution. Thus, life's journey can be hyper-visioned with the aid of tactful data analytics. While statistics (with smart use) are powerful, given the nature of legal transactional consultancy, we primarily focus on methodologies driven by statistical-based brainpower. By our proprietary tools such as Statistics Unwoven Deal Points Analysis (SUDPA) and our SUDPA App, we seek to showcase the “smart” use of statistics to generate deal point findings for constructive transaction design and transaction terms fine-tuning. Before the advent of AI SUDPA, we are driving non-AI SUDPA by way of unleashing the imaginative and creative power of the human brain. Still a lot can be achieved, with lateral or multi-way non-AI thinking. The more we exhibit the potential of non-AI thinking, the more we marvel at the intrinsic differences of data usage between institutions and individuals, and the more we awe at the tininess of the contribution, if any, we can make to human linguistic wisdom and well-being.